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“Your offering is production-ready when it exceeds customer expectations in a way that allows for business growth.” – Carter Morgan, Developer Advocate, Google

Production readiness is the goal every organization needs their Kubernetes infrastracture to reach so theyfeel confident about their apps in the cloud. We may not have a definitive definition for the production readiness buzzword, it could mean a cluster capable to serve production workloads and live traffic reliably and securely. …

Building a resilient and reliable Kubernetes cloud infrastructure requires more than getting your clusters up and running with a fancy provisioning tool. Solid infrastructure design is a sequence of architecture decisions and experienced implementation. Luckily, many organizations and experts went through this path and shared their experiences.

I believe that success does not have a single recipe, however, there are patterns and principles that we learned from failures and successes. I summarize a list of these core principles which cloud experts and decision-makers can refer to.


Kubernetes is not a simple system, either to set up or operate. It helps…

Aly Saleh

Author of Kubernetes in Production Best Practices

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